About the Music

Creative life does not end at 40. In fact, it is my contention that with the passing of the years, with sifting through the stuff that life dishes out to us, music artists can bring new emotional understanding to their music.

One really has to be of a certain age to understand the longing for things past and the regret for love lost in songs like Once Upon a Time and Where Do You Start. I believe there is an audience over forty who can relate to these lovely ballads, who understand and have maybe lived the lyrics. It's all about the lyrics and music is, after all, the language of emotion.

When I started planning this CD I wrote down a list of 40 of my favorite songs and discovered that 38 of them were ballads. So here I offer you 14 of the loveliest ballads I know. Songs I feel with my heart. I hope they have the same effect on you.